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Senate Select Committee Submissions

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Public Interest Journalism in June 2017 – New Beats submission – Future of Public Interest Journalism

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers in June 2018 – New Beats submission – Future of Work and Workers

Journal Articles

Reinardy, S., & L. Zion (2019). Cutting deeper: U.S. newspapers wipeout jobs and alter career identities. Journalism Practice. Accepted for publication.

Ricketson, M. Dodd, A. Zion, L. & M. Winarnita (2019). “Like Being Shot in the Face” or “I’m Glad I’m Out”: Journalists’ Experiences of Job Loss in the Australian Media Industry 2012–2014. Journalism Studies. 

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Zion, L., Sherwood, M., O’Donnell, P., Dodd, A., Ricketson, M., and Marjoribanks, T. (2016) ‘“It has a bleak future”: The effects of job loss on regional and rural journalism in Australia.’ Australian Journalism Review, 38, (2), 115-128.;dn=638121810905172;res=IELLCC

Conferences and Forums

New Beats Presentation – TASA – The Australian Sociological Association
Precarity, Rights and Resistance, 19-22 November 2018
Journalism redundancies in Australia: findings from the New Beats surveys, 2014-2017–  Timothy Marjoribanks, Penny O’Donnell, Matthew Ricketson, Lawrie Zion, Andrew Dodd and Merryn Sherwood.

Jobs After Journalism – The Melbourne Press Club, 6 June 2018
In collaboration with the New Beats research program, four leading researchers who have tracked the fate of redundant journalists in Brazil, South Africa, Finland and Indonesia joined us for this event. Sérgio Spagnuolo is founder and editor of the data-driven news agency Volt Data Lab in Brazil. Glenda Daniels is an associate professor of media studies at Witwatersrand University in South Africa. Ari Heinonen is a professor of journalism at the University of Tampere in Finland. And Samiaji Bintang is executive director of the Institute for Press and Development Studies in Jakarta.

Journalism and Insecure Work, 4-7 July 2017
New Beats Panel Presentation – ANZCA -Australian and New Zealand Communications Association 2017
1. ‘Career Paths or Pain – Young journalists, newsroom job cuts and insecure work’ – Penny O’Donnell, Merryn Sherwood and Monika Winarnita
2. ‘J-Networks in the Aftermath of Redundancy’ – Tim Majoribanks, Lawrie Zion and Merryn Sherwood.
3. ‘Redundancy Experiences’ – Matthew Ricketson and Andrew Dodd.

‘Regional Journalism: the aftershock’, April 2016
A forum on the impact of journalism job redundancies on regional journalism held at La Trobe University’s Wodonga campus.   The panel that was moderated by A/Prof Andrew Dodd from the New Beats team. You can hear the discussion, on Radio National’s Big Ideas at this program link.
Discussing the issues were:
-Di Thomas – former Border Mail editor, now editor of The Shepparton News
-Brad Worrall – former Border Mail journalist, now a journalist with North East Media
Cathy McGowan, MP, Federal Member for Indi
-Professor Lawrie Zion – Lead Chief Investigator of the New Beats team.

New Beats Panel Presentation – JERAA – Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Conference 2015
Panel – Lawrie Zion, Penny O’Donnell, Matthew Ricketson, Andrew Dodd, Tim Marjoribanks, Merryn Sherwood
1. ‘Project Update and 2015 Survey Results’
2. ‘Regional & Rural Experiences’
3. ‘What Does it Mean for Journalism’

Beyond the Big “R” Life after Redundancy – The Melbourne Press Club, 3 June 2015
Lawrie Zion hosted a discussion with three distinguished colleagues who have taken redundancy and discovered life beyond our shrinking metropolitan newsrooms – Kirsty Simpson – former Business Editor of The Age, Phil Kafcaloudes – veteran ABC journalist and Radio Australia presenter and Louise Graham – former News and Fairfax picture editor and co-founder of MediaXpress.

New Beats Presentation – JERAA – Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Conference 2014
1. ‘New Beats Overview’ – Lawrie Zion, Penny O’Donnell, Matthew Ricketson, Andrew Dodd, Tim Marjoribanks
2. ‘The Redundancy Experience’ – Matthew Ricketson, Andrew Dodd
3. ‘What Happens Next’ – Penny O’Donnell, Merryn Sherwood

New Beats Presentation – JEAA – Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Conference 2013
‘New Beats – A study of Australian journalists who became redundant in 2012’ – Lawrie Zion, Merryn Sherwood

Media Articles