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A couple of updates from the team:

We have some new research published in the online version of the journal Communication Research and Practice. The article, “Working for Less: the aftermath for journalists made redundant in Australia between 2012 and 2014”, is based on findings from our 2014 survey of 225 journalists in Australia.

In other project news, the New Beats team recently convened a forum on the impact of journalism job redundancies on regional journalism. The event, which was held at La Trobe University’s Wodonga campus in April, featured a panel that was moderated by A/Prof Andrew Dodd from the New Beats team.You can now hear that discussion, which was broadcast Radio National’s Big Ideas program on 22 June, by going to the program link.

Discussing the issues were:
Di Thomas – former Border Mail editor, now editor of The Shepparton News
Brad Worrall – former Border Mail journalist, now a journalist with North East Media
Cathy McGowan, MP, Federal Member for Indi
Prof Lawrie Zion – Lead Chief Investigator of the New Beats team.