Regional and Rural Redundancy Survey

Before this year, the lion’s share of journalism redundancies in Australia were in the capital cities. But over the last twelve months regional centres have experienced a serious contraction in journalism jobs. The Ballarat Courier, Bendigo Advertiser, Border Mail and Illawarra Mercury are just some of many daily papers that are being affected by these cuts. As such, the New Beats team is keen to explore the effect of redundancy on regional and rural news.

This particular survey is designed to explore the experiences of journalists, editors, photographers or other media staff who have taken redundancies from regional and rural media, from 2012 to now. If this is you, please complete the survey below. If you know anyone else who meets this criteria, please pass this link on.

Please note, the survey should take around 15 minutes to complete and is anonymous. While results from the study may appear in publications, reports, or be presented at conferences, you are assured complete confidentiality and that your name will never be associated with the answers you provide, unless you consent to doing so.

For any queries, please contact Associate Professor Lawrie Zion on or on (03) 9479 2961. Further details of the New Beats Project can be found at our about page.

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