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Issimo io-Landing_page_header_1With a bit of a nudge from her two tech-savvy sons, Veronica Ridge left The Age – and a great job as a senior editor – in October 2012 in search of a digital adventure that would turn out be the ride of her professional life.

It was kickstarted by a crowd-sourcing campaign – enthusiastically supported by The Age alumni – that paid for the first two (of four) issues of the team’s iPad publication Issimo Magazine.

This experience led to a deep understanding of the ever-changing world of transmedia – of analytics, digital marketing, social media, UX, spotting trends and first-hand observation of the power of visual storytelling online. Issimo’s team has now created its own publishing platform (see a prototype at; details at

In the spirit of true innovation, we aim to share our technology free to like-minded journalists with a yen to set up a viable digital publication on any subject. Unlike WordPress, the platform feels and looks as smooth as an app. Users can upload images that are automatically rescaled to entice with full-resolution quality on a desktop but also load fast on a mobile. Our pages are more than just text and pictures, infographics and videos – the team at Issimo is committed to building the tools for an exciting digital publishing future.


Did you become redundant from a media organisation since 2007?

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